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October 30, 2007




I would like contact Mr. Robin Harris for his expertise in Hard Disk Drive.

Warm Regards,

Bill Todd

Hmmm. While Robin solicited comments about his Gear6 video, he apparently wasn't interested in publishing anything that might interfere with his desire to turn this into a money-making opportunity. So I'll repeat here what I told him a week and a half ago (I've asked him twice since what happened to it, especially since he emailed a question to me based on it - so he obviously read it, but it's still marked as 'awaiting moderation'):

I beg to differ: *I* read white papers, and I’d read a lot more (as I used to) if they didn’t require some kind of silly registration (hey, if companies want people to read their spin, placing irritating obstacles in the way of doing so is *not* the best way to go about it).

But perhaps I’m not a great example of the audience that you’re targeting, since I’d rather have the opportunity to analyze hard technical data about a product than listen to someone (whether you or some CTO) babble on about how wonderful it is (not to denigrate Gear6’s product: it’s probably as useful in some circumstances - and as useless in others - as the good old PrestoServe product which is its logical single-system ancestor, since some workloads respond well to caching and others benefit not at all from it and instead require actual performance at the disk level, contradicting the suggestion that this product necessarily decouples performance and capacity).

Give me back my free-to-download-without-registering white papers and I’ll happily ignore your cheerful but content-poor videos (not to suggest that a certain clientele won’t gobble them up like jelly beans, of course: substance is not everyone’s cup of tea). But I’ll still enjoy longer presentations with real technical content - e.g., some of the long videos with Q&A that the ZFS implementors released.

Well, you did ask for comment. As to your final question, I suspect that there’s *no* way to get really valuable content into a 3 - 5 minute video, almost as little as there is to get it into a 30-second campaign commercial. But don’t let that stand in your way: I’m sure there’s a way to *sell* such a vehicle, meager in actual value though it may be.

- bill

Gary O.

Bill, Thanks for your comments. We try hard to provide information about Gear6 and our products in a variety of formats to suit different audiences. We do appreciate your perspective and would welcome the chance to discuss more technical detail with you.

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